It's snowing again. After a few days of semi-springlike weather, we have been bamboozled once again. I always said that if it's going to be frigid, it could at least be pretty. Covered in a blanket of white snow until it actually warms up.

But, right now...

I'm tired of terrified driving. To and from work, I count where there should be guardrails but aren’t. There’s about 50 death traps if I hit ice, or anyone around me is an idiot. Talk about building a wall- let’s build THOSE walls. 

I also believe that if it’s too scary for kids to go to school, we don’t go to work. Adult Lives Matter! We should be in an era where we can work remotely in blizzard situations. I believe we have the technology. Why aren't more companies doing this?

My neighbors have already pulled me out of my driveway twice in about a two week span. I now have to add beer money for them to my winter budget.

It's not my car. It's my dad's. I'm learning it's diva qualities. I hope my car is ready soon. 

I guess that's one cool thing about winter- it always brings your community together a bit more. Everyone is out there shoveling and gruffing... It unites us a bit. Unity in the suck. But, it  sure is pretty. 

I get a celebratory shoveling when I finally get home tonight. After a glass of wine... 

Silly Monday to you,