Driving Without Brakes

So, this just happened. During a crazy chaotic week, I found myself driving without brakes. Yes, the irony was not lost on me. God is telling me to slow my life the bleep down (because He probably doesn't curse like me). 

The day before, I had gone for an oil change, and everything was fine. The next day, I found myself with no pressure when I broke, my foot all the way down to the floor. I pulled into the same oil place about the time my brakes went completely nil and asked what was happening, since my fluid was checked. The guys would not let me leave. Both brake lines were shot and I had no fluid. So, in searching for tow trucks on my phone that has low battery and trying to figure out the nearest mechanic that would now be closed, how to get home, and being forced to take the next day off work (I call car troubles Single Gal Strong), these nice boys said they would help me if I waited until they closed the shop and move over to the next parking lot. Oh my goodness! Are you kidding?! That's amazing. 

This was after Zumba. I swear, all my car troubles happen when I am in my Zumba gear. Last time I was stranded in the middle of a left turn on a busy cross street, with people honking at me like idiots, got towed and had to ride in spandex feeling very naked with some hillbilly driver side eyeing me the whole time.  This time it was laundry day Zumba gear- even worse. Laundry day Zumba gear is not the cute Barbie workout gear we all don- I mean, camel-toe and all.  You know, those pants that find crevices that just shouldn't be visible to other humans. Maybe the advertised crevices were why they offered to help, though... 

So, I am sweating out of everywhere, starving, on my period without a bathroom, and waiting for these nice angels to close up so that they can sacrifice their night working on my car. My car is loaded like I'm a hoarder because life is busy and messy. I also had no cash on me to give them. 

I bought pizza from next door, since none of us had dinner. There goes Zumba. Sometimes, life just makes you eat pizza. 

They brought me brake fluid, but needed some parts, so I had to get in this young kid's car and ride nervously while he showed off and drove like an asshole to the store. I felt safe with these two, but I'll tell ya, the female caution tape is automatic and can be ridiculous. I was just aware of it, that's all. It wasn't that bright yellow in my head until my aunt expressed concern over the phone and made me fight some insistent paranoia. Did this place do this yesterday somehow? Was this some sort of scam? The one guy was left alone with my keys and could make a copy-they already have my address... Now I was in a car screaming down the streets with some stranger. He then knew my credit card number as well. When we got back, it was a different situation then the safety I felt before. It was pitch black, the pizza place next door had closed and turned their lights off. It was just me and two dudes in a parking lot next to the woods. Dammit. When they started talking about something else wrong with the car, I let my concern come out a minute and said, I just need to get home. When I drove off, with brakes, one of the guys said to have a blessed night. It made me smile and relax.

It's funny, this world we live in. It's a different world depending on your sex, for sure. These good Samaritans were just that, good. They were a blessing, and the instinct women have is to be overly cautious to the point of paranoia. Maybe it's my upbringing, Detroit logic, or whatever, but it is part of my psyche, whether I like it or not. I don't know if it's a good thing or a bad thing. It's been both for me. My instincts have definitely saved me in certain situations. But I always feel guilty when it goes the other way- when the universe sends me love and I question it.

So, I went back the next day and gave them my card and cash for all their help. There are good people in the world. I was so relieved and it was so much more painless than dealing with the normal breakdown Single Gal Strong. I told them if they ever opened up their own shop I would be their #1 PR pro. Ladies need trustworthy mechanics. We even might exchange business, as they need a photographer. 

They said to have a blessed day again. 

So, what did I learn? Brakes. Slow down. Thoughts are racing, that yellow caution tape, To-Do lists, schedule, life... Slow down. You need brakes. 

Also, I need to throw those pants out. 

Silly Monday to everyone,