Saturday Night Staredown

This one time, I was so drunk...

We had a girls' night celebrating some small victories and I got dropped off at home. I was sitting on my front porch, having a cigarette before I went to bed. I saw a deer on my neighbor's lawn, diagonally across the street from me. He was looking at me. He moved a little bit. Squinting, I tried to see across the street in the dark at this creature that seemed to be doing the same to me. We had a stare down. He's judging my drunk ass.  I agreed with him and went to bed.

The next morning, out my window, I see that the deer is still there, alright. Fake. He's a lawn figure thingee that my weirdo neighbor youths just put out on their lawn the day before. Or did they? How long has that thing been there? As you will see, his head is completely turned away, as if the whole neighborhood has been shunned. Same attitude as the youths that live there.

I swear he was looking at me. I swear I saw him move that night.
Stare-downs with statues.


It was funny to me.

Have a Silly Monday,