Thanks for visiting! I am a multi-passionate entrepreneur who loves to encourage, inspire, and empower others. Specifically speaking, bringing about self-confidence through humor. The ability to laugh at yourself ensues confidence. Knowing where your true value and worth come from is the basic level of self-awareness and self-love. Mental health, emotional stability, humility, and consciousness are all qualities belonging to this one ability, laughing at yourself. It connects our humanness and how we relate to each other. It aides in taking action and reacting to life from a place of confidence instead of fear. It fights unobtainable perfectionism and all of those demons that come with striving for it. It births more creativity, problem-solving, and the skill of graciously letting go. 

It can be the help when the big pains and losses in life hit. Silliness gets you through grief, gets you through your To-Do list, gets you to come out of your little world and be mindful of the bigger picture. Life is good. Life is always good.

It is liberating, isn't it?
And... this shit's just silly.

I am also a photographer, artist, writer, ceramicist, dancer, athlete, world traveler, adventurer, and truth-seeker. I love and support the arts, philanthropic opportunities, community do-good-ers, and female entrepreneurs. I live in Michigan. My other home is Maui and I visit as often as possible.

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